How to solve common problems with the iPhone 5

iPhone 5: Problems and solutions

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 1:03 pm

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WASHINGTON – Apple has sold out of its latest version of the iPhone, but some users are reporting problems with the shiny new device, namely with the battery.

Ken “Spanky” Moskowitz of the Data Doctors shares his insight into why this battery issue is occurring for some.

“The battery issue in and of itself doesn’t occur if you set it up as a new device, but lots of users want the convenience of transferring their data over. So for people who do a restore, they inherit this bad battery issue where it just drains like a swamp that has had the drain pulled on it,” Moskowitz says.

Since Apple released the latest software update for the iPhone and iPad, many users also have been unhappy with the new mapping option that has less information and sometimes incorrect information.

“They are relying on you and me to fix it. That’s called crowdsourcing. Anytime we find a mistake, they want us to report it. That’s not very user-friendly,” Moskowitz says.

Moskowitz recommends downloading the Bing app, which lets commuters see public transit routes.

Watch the video below for more on what to do if you’ve got a bad battery:

TechCrunch also is reporting that a full Google Maps app will be in the iOS app store “before Christmas.”

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