Exch. student finds Va. host father took nude photos

WASHINGTON – An Arlington man took nude photos and video of the 16-year-old German exchange student staying with him, Arlington County police say.

The girl was living in Arlington with her “host father” for the 2011-2012 school year, reports Clarendon.Patch.com. Before her return to her home country, the man, in his 60s, suggested she develop photos he had taken of the girl and her friends over the course of the year. She took a thumb drive with what he thought were the photos to a local pharmacy, only to discover nude pictures of herself.

The man, who is married, has not yet been charged.

“The victim is currently back in her native country, and so communication with her is very limited at this time,” Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck tells Patch.com. “We are still working with the victim and building the case.”

The photos were taken outside the teen’s window and of her sleeping at the home in the Donaldson Run community near Potomac Overlook Park.

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