New words added to the Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary adds new words a few times a year and tend to follow trends in vernacular. (Courtesy

Megan Cloherty,

WASHINGTON – A slew of new words is being added to the Oxford Dictionary, many of which have been used in everyday language for a while.

Many of the new words are abbreviations of slang words. Totes, obvs and whatevs are now words, short for totally, obviously and whatever, respectively.

The acronyns OMG and LOL were added to the dictionary in 2011.

Some words that many may have thought were already officially in the dictionary finally made the cut. Phrases like eye-rolling, muffin top and mahalo, a Hawaiian word, are now listed.

Check the Oxford Dictionary’s blog for the definitions to all the new words. Some are listed below:

  • whatevs
  • abandonware
  • enabler
  • onesie
  • alpha geek
  • eye-rolling
  • panko
  • aptonym
  • geodata
  • po-po
  • aquaponics
  • geoinformation
  • purple state
  • autostereoscopic
  • green technology

  • totes
  • race walking
  • bandage dress
  • guyliner
  • ransomware
  • boomburb
  • illiterati
  • Robin Hood tax
  • CMS
  • infomania
  • scudetto
  • dater
  • K-pop
  • Tiger mother
  • death slide

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