New bed makes staying in bed a dream (VIDEO)

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – A new bed makes lounging between the sheets a real dream.

It’s a self-adjusting, eco-friendly, multi-media bed surrounded by a custom made, environmentally-conscious frame that resembles oak.

Designed in the Netherlands, the bed is called “Anemone.” And once you get in, you’re not likely to want to move.

On the headboard, there’s an integrated dock to charge an iPhone or iPod touch. And, yes, this bed has its own app to control its many functions.

Push a few buttons and your head and pillow are lifted up, and a TV rises from a hidden place at your feet. The back of the TV has a mirror on it, providing a place to shave or put on makeup.

If the TV alone wasn’t enough, the bed comes with a top-of-the-line Bang and Olufsen sound system too.

The app can even control the lighting around the bed.

The bed costs about $44,000, but, hey, you’re sure to get a lot of use out of it.

To learn more and see photos, visit the manufacturer’s website or watch the video below.

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