Former secretary of state turns NFL model

\'\'Supporting the NFL and showing my passion for the Cleveland Browns!\'\' the former secretary of state posted online. (Photo courtesy of

WASHINGTON – National security adviser, secretary of state, professional model.

Condoleeza Rice’s resume just got a little bit stronger.

As a part of the NFL’s new ad campaign, “It’s My Team,” the avid football fan donned a Cleveland Browns jersey and posted the subsequent photo to Facebook.

“Supporting the NFL and showing my passion for the Cleveland Browns!” she wrote.

Some Ohio fans acknowledged her support. “GO BROWNS! Always knew you loved football and were a Browns fan Condolezza….. and I admired you as Sec. of State.” wrote Facebook user Joe Dylyn.

Former neighbors didn’t appreciate what they saw as neglecting the home team. “You look great in the Browns’ jersey – but the Deadskins are back as the Redskins with RGIII” posted user Jerry Hood.


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