Forget the moving van: Md. couple uses only bikes

Photo courtesy Vimeo

WASHINGTON – Typically when people move, they hire a moving van or enlist the help of friends who drive big cars.

Anthony and Jess Reiss did get their friends to help – but they did it all on bikes.

The couple sold their cars about a year ago with the intention of using only public transportation and bikes to get where they needed to go. But that posed a peculiar challenge when they decided to move into a new place about one mile from their old home in College Park, according to The Washington Post.

The couple, along with 25 of their friends, moved the entire contents of their one-bedroom apartment using bikes, trailers (attached to bikes,) backpacks and even their dogs.

Total, it took the group about two hours to move.

Here’s a video of their adventure:

Anthony & Jess’ Big Bike Move from Greenbelt Bike Videos on Vimeo.

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