Do you take a lunch?

WASHINGTON – Working through lunch or eating at your desk might seem productive, but a Wharton School of Business management professor tells Live Science it burns you out in the long run.

While there are no national statistics about lunch breaks, small surveys indicate that as many as two-thirds of workers skip the meal or eat at their desks.

Danielle Hartmann, director for corporate partnerships at Boston College’s Center for Work & Family, says skipping lunch is a growing trend.

But it is a trend that isn’t necessarily a good trend.

If you take a break to relax or socialize, you can be more productive in the afternoon.

Also, taking a break and getting out of your chair offers health benefits. It’s not a good idea to sit for long periods.

Do you take a lunch? Or is lunch at your desk? Any tips for an on-the-go meal?

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