What are your top workplace pet peeves?

What are your biggest pet peeves involving co-workers? Please gripe away. Post a comment in this story, comment on WTOP’s Facebook Page or use #WTOPTalkback or #WTOP on Twitter.

WASHINGTON – Sometimes it would be nice if you had a private office and didn’t have to interact with your co-workers. But that’s not going to happen, especially if you work in a cube-farm that’s become the norm these days.

For those who suffer through annoying co-workers on a day-to-day basis, here is a list of the top workplace pet peeves, as compiled by AskMen.com.

  • Banging on your desk.
  • Stealing from the fridge. Is there any company — anywhere — that doesn’t have a refrigerator thief?
  • Nail clipping at the desk. Do you really have to take care of your personal hygiene issues in your cubes?
  • Constant eating.
  • Company-wide emails that only pertains to a small percentage of workers. Then someone hits “Reply All.”
  • Farting.
  • Loud sighing from the next cube. Some people are over-sharers.

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