Trailer with theater shooting scene to get cut (Video)

Warner Brothers has released this poster for the upcoming movie \'Gangster Squad\' which features a scene in which 1940s gangsters open fire on a theater.

Will Friedman, special to WTOP

Warner Brothers is taking steps to ensure that art doesn’t imitate life.

In light of the recent shootings in Aurora, Colo., the studio has pulled the trailer for its upcoming release, “Gangster Squad”, because it features a scene in which characters open-fire on a movie theater. Variety is now reporting that the scene will also be cut out of the film.

Cutting it will be a challenge for editors, as the scene is pivotal to the mobster movie’s plot.

The film is scheduled for release on Sept. 6, but will likely be pushed back. The studio is considering cancelling an upcoming test screening, according to the LA Times..

“Gangster Squad” stars Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin as cops in 1940s Los Angeles who try to prevent the city from being taken over by mob boss Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn. It’s directed by Ruben Fleischer of “Zombieland.”

Watch the video below to see the full, unedited trailer. The movie theater shooting scene happens at about the two minute mark.

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