Tips to save money on groceries

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WASHINGTON – It might take a few months before grocery prices start to rise because of the drought in the Midwest, but it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of cheap prices in grocery stores now, cutting back on shopping costs.

To find some good deals,Consumer Reports suggests shopping at dollar stores, such as Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar to save money.

The names might be slightly misleading because not everything that the stores sell costs exactly a dollar. However, dollar stores sell many familiar brand-name products, at prices that are far cheaper than shopping at Walmart or Target. Their house brands also are as good, if not better than some brand-name products, according to people who tested the products.

Consumer Reports also released the video below, which features ways to cut the costs of grocery bills by half by shopping strategically and avoiding those last- minute impulse buys.

In addition, here are some more helpful tips to save money on household meal staples, courtesy of Business Insider and SavvySugar:

  • Milk – Instead of buying milk at grocery stores, go to mini-marts and gas stations, which sometimes offer a better price than grocery stores. Powdered milk also is an option, replacing liquid milk in recipes that need it.
  • Beef, pork and poultry – Buy in bulk. To avoid spoilage, put the meat in the freezer. Consumers also can save money on ground beef by mixing it in with ground turkey or another type of cheap, ground meat. Consumers also should try to find cheaper cuts because there are ways to make them just as appetizing as their pricier counterparts. With chicken, find cuts with the bone, because boneless and skinless cuts can be more expensive.
  • Eggs – Buy only the amount you need, or the eggs will go waste. Shop around for the best price, as prices can vary from store to store.

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