Live Chat: Nycci Nellis, TheListAreYouOnIt.com

Nycci Nellis is the publisher of TheListAreYouOnIt.com and co-anchor of Foodie & The Beast. (Courtesy Nycci Nellis)

WASHINGTON – Nycci Nellis is the publisher of TheListAreYouOnIt.com, which has been called “D.C.’s Number One Resource For All Things Food & Wine.”

She is also the co-host of the radio program, Foodie & The Beast, which airs 11 a.m. Sundays on 1500AM.

Nellis’ website provides the latest news and information on the Washington D.C. regional food, wine, brews and spirtis scene. Her website offers details about cooking classes, wine seminars, beer tastings, cocktail mixology classes and more.

Her radio show, co-hosted by her husband, David, covers a broad spectrum of topics running the gamut from cocktails to cupcakes; grass-fed beef to gin; sustainability to sourcing locally.

Beginning at 1 p.m. Thursday, Nellis will answer your food, wine and going out questions.

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