Carmakers make move toward autopilot vehicles

Adam Tuss,

WASHINGTON – Would you like to set the car on autopilot, sit back and let the car drive for you?

Cars haven’t quite reached the technology of the Jetsons yet, but there’s no doubt they are getting smarter.

The latest movement is coming from Ford. The automaker says it is developing a feature for heavy traffic jams that lets the car keep up with traffic and stay in the lane. That feature could be available in about five years.

An Audi spokesperson tells USA TODAY that self-driving is no longer a fantasy.

“Our piloted-driving technology is shifting from a purely research phase into actual pre-production planning,” spokesman Brad Stertz says.

Cadillac says it is developing a so-called ultimate cruise control setting that allows the car to take over steering, braking and lane centering under optimal highway conditions.

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