What to do …. when there’s nothing to do (in this heat)

Courtesy National Aquarium

WASHINGTON – When it’s THIS hot outside and the power is out, enjoying a weekend afternoon presents a challenge.

The TV isn’t working and neither is the AC, so the couch is out. An outdoor barbecue would mean sunburn and sweat. You can forget exercising outside. And who really wants to bake by the pool?

But your day doesn’t have to be a total wash. Here are a few fun, indoor activities that you might not seek out otherwise.

Most movie theaters generally stay open – even when the power is out. Spending two hours or so in a cool, dark theater might be a great way to relax. There are some new movies out this weekend, including “Ted,” starring Mark Wahlberg, “Magic Mike,” starring Channing Tatum and “People Like Us,” starring Elizabeth Banks. Check out moviefone.com for a full list of theaters in your area and show times.

If you have a little extra money to spend, it might not be a bad day to hit the mall. Not only are they air-conditioned, but if you have a few things you need to buy, this insufferable weather is a good excuse to relax in the cool and spend some dough.

What about some culture? The Smithsonians are open, free and air conditioned. Some have limited hours, so check here for a list of all of the various museums and their hours.

When was the last time you went to the aquarium? They’re such relaxing places, cool, dark and full of interesting creatures. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is a delightful, interesting way to spend a hot afternoon. After, how about dinner near the Inner Harbor?

For those who would like to be moderately active, try bowling. That’s a special activity, fun for the whole family, or by yourself. Most bowling alleys can be found with a simple google search, and depending on where you, it’s probably smart to call ahead to make sure lanes are open.

For folks near D.C., an indoor game of mini-golf could provide some fun. At the >a href=”http://www.hstreetcountryclub.com/games”>H Street Country Club, adults can putt putt inside, play skeeball, shuffleboard and Xbox Kinect.

These are just a few air-conditioned, indoor activities. What are some of yours? Tweet them to us at @WTOP and we’ll add them to our list.

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