O.C. police urge caution after 2 pedestrian deaths

Michelle Basch, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Beach season has barely begun, and there have already been two pedestrian deaths in Ocean City, Md. Police are urging visitors to be safe.

Ocean City Police Officer Mike Levy says visitors are often excited and in a hurry to get across Coastal Highway and dig their feet in the sand.

“There’s nothing so urgent that you need to risk your life or your safety to get across our highways. Everything will be there when you get to the other side. We promise,” Levy says.

On May 28, a 22-year-old man trying to cross Coastal Highway was struck by a car and killed.

Charges against the driver, Diogo Facchini of Lorton, Va., includehomicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Just over a week later, a 15-year-old girl died after being hit while crossing Coastal Highway against a “no walk” signal.

That crash happened this past Tuesday.

Police say you should only cross highways at crosswalks, and hold your young child’s hand while crossing.

“Make sure that when you’re crossing a busy roadway that you make eye contact with drivers,” Levy adds.

Police are aggressively enforcing pedestrian and traffic laws in the town, but Levy says it’s not because officers are out to get you.

“We’re there to try and help them, and keep them safe,” he says.

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