Millennials gravitate to sites other than Facebook

What do teens on the street think

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 8:41 am

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Meghin Moore, special to

WASHINGTON – Facebook used to be the cool, hip social media site, much like Myspace was when it started. For Facebook, that could soon change, as the Millennial generation starts to gravitate away from it.

A recent Ypulse panel finds that 93 percent of young people have Facebook, but only to keep up with their friends. The site is best for sharing their thoughts and feelings. As of right now, there’s no better alternative.

Teenagers might think that Facebook is beginning to be “uncool” because their parents, grandparents and other older relatives are beginning to make profiles. Despite that, they’re still using the site to share photos, keep in touch with friends who are far away, post videos they find funny and link to current or breaking news events.

Teens are using Twitter more. They also are starting to move toward other social media sites, such as the mobile photo sharing app Instagram and Pinterest, where they can share their interests all on one page.

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