Funny (and painful) Slip ‘N Slide fails (Video)

The Slip \'N Slide is a popular summertime toy designed for children. Problems arise when adults and heavier individuals attempt to use the toy. (Courtesy Wham-O)

WASHINGTON – With temperatures expected to be near 100 degrees Thursday, now might be a good time to break out the old Slip ‘N Slide.

Since debuting on the toy market in 1961, the distinctively bright yellow slide has become a ubiquitous part of the summer season.

The toy consists of a long sheet of thin plastic that attaches to any garden hose. The water sprays onto the surface, creating a slippery surface.

In the 52 years since the toy has been on the market, users have found unique (and often painful) ways to slide down the slick surface.

Some have ended in serious injury, while others have resulted in a series of videos depicting the funniest Slip ‘N Slide fails.

Below is a video of some of the more memorable falls:

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