Father’s Day Index: Mom worth more than dad at home

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Darci Marchese, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Men may make more in the workplace compared to women, but at home it’s the other way around.

At least that’s according to insure.com. It’s out with its annual Father’s Day Index, which attempts to calculate the value in wages, in terms of the work a father typically does around the house.

According to the index, a mother’s household work is worth three times a father’s.

In terms of wages, a mom would earn $60,182 compared to dad’s calculated wage of $20,248.

The website compared government wage data to typical fatherly household tasks.

For instance, barbecuing was compared to professional cooks and killing spiders was compared to pest control workers. Mowing the lawn was matched up with data from grounds maintenance workers.

The full Father’s Day Index can be found at insure.com

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