Credit union investigated for discrimination

WASHINGTON – A local credit union is under investigation following an ABC7 report that its new policy may be discriminatory.

The sign on the door of the HEW Federal Credit Union in Prince George’s County says customers aren’t allowed to wear sunglasses, hats or hoodies for security reasons.

But several women have complained they were made to remove their hair nets, scarves and even their wigs before being allowed inside.

Michael Lyles, the executive director of the Prince George’s County Human Relations Commission, says a business can restrict what customers wear for security. But forcing them to remove hair nets and wigs may be crossing the line.

He launched an informal investigation and sent inspectors to the credit union Friday afternoon.

HEW’s corporate office says its implementing this new policy to ensure the safety of its members and to protect members against fraud and identity theft.

WTOP’s Mark Segraves contributed to this report. Follow Mark and WTOP on Twitter.

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