Step Afrika!


Step Afrika! Presents Nxt/Step June 21st thru July 1st, 2012

With stepping as the muse, the explosive dancers of Step Afrika! bring to the stage a fresh look at contemporary culture, music and style. For Home Performance Series 2012 Step Afrika! presents, the world premiere of Nxt/Step: Remixing the Power and International Influence of Stepping with Hip Hop, Multimedia and Rhythm. Nxt/Step, explores the interconnectivity of trends from hip hop music and youth culture, to the explosion of multimedia throughout society; encouraging audiences to tweet, text, photograph, and share as much as possible via social media, which will appear on a backdrop in real-time during the show.

Nxt/Step opens Thursday, June 21, 2012 at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Northeast, featuring the Washington, DC d

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