How do you pay for college and is it worth the cost?

How are you paying for school next year? Are you getting a grant? Are you a veteran who has just gotten out of the service and using the GI bill? Are you going to work while you’re going to school? Are you going to pay for school, like one of the candidates has suggested? Get the money from your parents, if they have it? And parents, are you going to have to hit the retirement fund to pay for college? Post a comment in this story, comment on WTOP’s Facebook Page or use #WTOPTalkback on Twitter.

David Burd, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – If I put myself in a time machine and suddenly I was 18 years old again, I don’t know if I could even think about going to college these days.

After all, I was very lucky and used the GI bill to go to school. Back then, the GI bill pretty much paid for everything. Not now.

Like a lot of parents at this time of year, you’re picking up your kids from college and moving their stuff back home for the summer. My sister’s daughter got a scholarship to Colgate University which, if she had to pay for it, would cost her around $60,000 a year. And that might be low.

The debt that young people are faced with after graduating is daunting and oppressive. Starting your new life out with incredible debt from going to college is not something you wish on anyone.

There are a lot of options to consider. And then there is this thought – is college even worth it? How do you plan on paying for college? How are you doing it now?

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