FAA warns NYT bestseller about in-flight video

WASHINGTON – New York Times bestseller Grant Cardone is in trouble with the federal government after shooting video on a Delta flight bound for Los Angeles.

Cardone was on flight 1063 out of JFK airport in New York April 19 when the plane hit a flock of birds shortly after takeoff.

Cardone caught the entire incident on video with his iPad, which he was using after takeoff, despite FAA rules that call for electronic devices to be turned off on takeoff and landing.

Below is the short video of the birds hitting the right engine of the plane:

Below is video of Cardone after the bird strike talking about how scary the experience was:

After shooting the video, Cardone has been contacted by the FAA. He has received a warning letter letting him know he broke the law and that a record of his infringement will be kept on record for two years.

On CNN’s “Starting Point,” Cardone says authorities must be embarrassed about the footage he shot during takeoff.

“To think that a device, a telephone, this iPad, can take down a plane … is ridiculous,” he tells Soledad O’Brien.

Also appearing with Cardone is CNN’s chief business correspondent Ali Velshi, who was on the same flight.

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