Making a hard-boiled egg that won’t crack up (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – A lot of eggs will be served and used this weekend for Easter and Passover — and there’s an art to making a good, hard-boiled one.

Coloring eggs is a lot more fun when the shells don’t crack or fall apart. Among the tips offered by Yahoo! Shine:

  • Buy eggs that are about a week old. Older eggs are actually better than those that are fresh because they firm up and peel easier.
  • The eggs should start at room temperature. Eggs that sit out for about an hour are generally less prone to cracking.
  • Place the eggs in a couple inches of cold water, then gently bring them to a boil. That, too, helps prevent cracking.

This video from Food Wishes also illustrates the technique for creating hard-boiled eggs that won’t crack up:

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