Liquid may be the next line of defense for military

WASHINGTON – The idea of liquid armor may sound like something from a “Terminator” movie, but it could be the future of the military — and it could come sooner than you think.

BAE Systems is currently developing “Liquid Armour” — a protective bodysuit that allows the body to move more freely while still being impact-resistant.

The armor currently used by the military uses Kevlar to cover the torso — but this can be heavy and warm, especially for military members stationed in places like Afghanistan.

In a release on its website, BAE’s Stewart Penney says the technology is best explained “by the example of stirring water with a spoon. In water you feel little resistance to the spoon, whereas with ‘liquid armor’, you would feel significant resistance as the elements in the fluid lock together. The faster you stir, the harder it gets, so when a projectile impacts the material at speed, it hardens very quickly and absorbs the impact energy.”

Liquid armor is also under consideration for police forces and ambulance crews.

WTOP’s David Burd contributed to this report. Follow David and WTOP on Twitter.

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