Girl falls into sidewalk sinkhole, cabbie comes to aid (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – A heroic cab driver is being credited with coming to the aid of a young girl after she fell through a sinkhole hidden beneath a sidewalk.

Surveillance camera shows the girl falling straight through the pavement while walking in northern China. The Telegraph reports the 6-meter-deep cavity (about 19.7 feet) was caused by water that had eroded the ground and caused a hole under the pavement.

The cab driver, driving down the street in his car as the girl fell, climbed into the pit and revived her.

“I called out to her but she didn’t respond. After I shook her a little, she came to,” the driver, Wang Wei, says in the video below.

The ground was still unstable, and the two could not get out until firefighters arrived with a ladder, the Telegraph says. The cabbie reportedly told the girl to go first, and both emerged from the hole.

Check out the video below and the full story from The Telegraph.

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