Feds seize 4 pounds of cocaine found in chocolate, drinks

What looked like chocolate bars and small drink boxes at Dulles International Airport turned out to be cocaine with a street value of about $130,000.

WASHINGTON – Chocolate bars are known to give people a little caffeine high, but the ones seized at Dulles International Airport Sunday night would have given a high of a different type.

Six chocolate bars and six small drink boxes seized by Customs and Border Protection officers contained 4 pounds, 2 ounces of cocaine with a street value of about $130,000.

Officers found the drugs hidden inside six of eight chocolate bars carried by a Guatemalan woman arriving on a flight from San Salvador, El Salvador. Inside the drink boxes, they found plastic bags filled with cocaine.

Customs did not charge the woman, who was a courier. Instead, officers removed her from the country and she’s been banned from the U.S. for five years. Officers did not release the woman’s name because they did not charge her.

“Customs and Border Protection officers are very good at finding illicit substances concealed in novel ways,” said Christopher Hess, Customs and Border Patrol port director, in a news release.

“This narcotics seizure highlights the work of vigilant officers performing a thorough inspection and preventing this deadly poison from finding its way onto our community’s streets.”

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