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Fake celebrity gets groupies, security escort at Va. mall (VIDEO)

OMG! It\'s Thomas Elliot! ...wait, who? (Photo courtesy YouTube)

WASHINGTON – “He’s, uh, in ‘The Hunger Games.'”

“Is he? Ok.”

Apparently it’s that easy to convince someone you’re famous.

This was just one of the tactics employed by a team of pranksters who struck a the MacArthur Center mall in Norfolk, Va. in late March. The group managed to convince almost everyone — including the mall security, it seems — that renowned heartthrob Thomas Elliot was in their midst. They posted a video of everyone seemingly buying into the hoax.

Don’t bother hitting up Wikipedia. He isn’t a famous actor, at least not yet.

Richmond-based Chill Hill Media conducted their experiment by planting groupies around one actor to see if they could make others believe their would-be star was an actual celebrity. Their ruse proved convincing enough to garner some followers, including a posse of mall security guards who closed off a store so “Mr. Elliot” could shop in peace, between posing for pictures with babies.

Some seem to have bought it:

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