39-pound cat needs home and a new lifestyle

WASHINGTON – Like most healthy kittens, Meow was sprightly and slim. But by the time she turned 2 years old, the white and orange feline weighed in at 39 pounds — or the equivalent of 600 human pounds.

Veterinarians at Santa Fe Humane Society say the tubby kitty is now on a diet and has already lost 2 pounds after her 87-year-old owner put Meow up for adoption, reports KRQE Santa Fe. They say the cat should be about 12 pounds.

Like obese humans, Meow will likely suffer some heart problems because of the excess fat her small frame is supporting. Shelter workers say they are keeping a close eye on her health in hopes of getting her fit enough to be permanently adopted.

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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fattest cat weighed in at 46 pounds in 1987. In 2003 there was a new contender that weighed 50 pounds, but Guinness stopped accepting nominations in this category to discourage pet owners from overfeeding their cats.

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