Want the new iPad? You can trade-in or sell your old one

Apple CEO Tim Cook clasps his hands during an new iPad announcement during an Apple event in San Francisco, Wednesday, March 7, 2012. The new iPad features a sharper screen and a faster processor. Apple says the new display will be even sharper than the high-definition television set in the living room. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

WASHINGTON – That iPad you might be using to read this may not look so shiny and new since Apple unveiled the new iPad last week. You can sell you’re old one to get money for your new one.

There are several websites that offer you money for your old tablet, but what you’ll get in return varies.

BuyMyTronics will offer your more than $200 for a used iPad 2 (WiFi only, 16GB) that’s working and in excellent shape. The price depends on the condition.

It will buy the same model in “flawless” condition for $267. If the glass is cracked, the site will only offer up $74.

Gazelle will only offer up to $185 for an iPad 2 in flawless condition.

Amazon will buy a basic used iPad 2 for as much as $320 in Amazon credit. A first generation iPad can get you up to $245.

But that means you have to spend that cash at Amazon.

Apple itself will give you up to a $250 trade-in for your used iPad 2.

You can always sell your iPad on Craiglist or eBay, but there’s always the potential for fraud when using those sites. But with those risks, may come higher rewards.

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