Va. to join states tracking sales of allergy medication

WASHINGTON – This time of year, thousands rush to pick up the allergy medicine they know they’ll need to get through the next few months. But consumers need to keep track of how much allergy medicines they buy, according to police.

Steve Wixon who lives in Indiana found out the hard way that having more than the federally allotted amount of ephedrine in his home meant a trip to jail.

Indiana is one of a growing number of states that uses a national data base to track the sale of Claritin-D and other over-the-counter allergy medicines.

Virginia will soon begin using the national data base to track sales starting in January. Eighteen other states currently regulate the sale of allergy medication, including Indiana.

Allergy medicines containing ephedrine can be used to make illegal methamphetamine. For that reason, federal law limits the amount of allergy medication each person can buy.

WTOP’s Mark Seagraves contributed to this report.

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