This is what they mean when they say ‘bling’

The world\'s first all-diamond ring. Yours for a mere $68 million. (Courtesy Shawish Geneva)

WASHINGTON – Ladies know, especially after Beyonce told them, that if he likes it, then he should have put a ring on it.

But if he really likes it, maybe that ring should be really nice.

That’s what jewelers at Shawish Geneva must be thinking after introducing the world’s first all-diamond ring.

It’s not about the carets on the band — it’s about the band, itself. Instead of going budget with platinum or silver or gold, now potential husbands can get their hopefully soon-to-be-wives a diamond band. That’s right. A diamond rock on a diamond band.

That’s 150 carets of pure, unadulterated diamond.

Bling. Bling.

And it’s yours for a mere $68 million.

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