Social media madness during #NCAAtournament

Many people will be live-tweeting their #MarchMadness observations during this year\'s #NCAAtournament. (AP Photo/Scott K. Brown)

Neal Augenstein,

WASHINGTON – As if the NCAA basketball championships weren’t engrossing enough, expect your social media feeds to be inundated with online friends’ play-by-play and color commentary.

For many, live-tweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook while watching a game on TV or in person is a way of sharing the experience with people in their social networks.

With so many people taking part in office pools and trying to track game scores on a real-time basis, using social media can help keep you up to date.

But it can also cause confusion to followers who don’t realize that your “OMG!!!!” is a reaction to a jaw-dropping dunk.

Thursday morning, it appeared the hashtags #MarchMadness and #NCAA were getting a lot of action.

Some people even warn their followers of an impending live-tweet explosion, so they can be temporarily muted.

Of course, you can get all the scores from March Madness on WTOP.

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