‘Smartwear’ for babies gives parents peace of mind? Or not?

Smartwear for babies from Exmobaby gives parents real-time updates about their infants vital signs. (Photo courtesy Exmobaby.com)

WASHINGTON – It’s the latest technology to come down for worried parents: Smart Garments for babies.

They’re exactly what they sound like. Rechargeable onesies that transmit data straight to your smartphone about your baby’s ECG, skin temperature and movement.

The new product from Exmobaby advertises itself with the tagline, “know how your baby feels,” and calls itself the “first ever wireless, biosensor baby pajama.”

Essentially, the “smartwear” is made with technology that monitors a baby’s vital signs and movement and sends alerts to a parent’s PC or cell phone. The clothing is safe, the manufacturer says, and is designed with comfort in mind. The onesies are nonbinding and hypoallergenic, with the micro-sized technology comfortably tucked away.

“The capabilities offered by Exmobaby clothing and apparel products can assure parents that their children are okay and that infants, in particular, are safe and sound,” the website says. “With this greater peace of mind, many parents will find it easier to focus on and meet the challenges life brings.”

But would this really help to make parents feel better? That’s the question The New York Times’s asked in a recent blog, saying no device can protect a child from risk, and babies are very effective at letting parents know when something is wrong. Peace of mind for new parents, the Times says, is the real challenge and this new product isn’t going to help with that.

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