How to haggle down the price of everyday items

WASHINGTON – Many consumers expect to negotiate a price at the car dealer, but would not think to haggle at the mall.

The first rule of thumb for a haggler is to be firm. If shoppers see an item go on sale within 10 days of buying it full price, ask for the difference, says USA TODAY’s Confident Consumer. Most stores will provide the refund to ensure your future business.

When a salesperson is unable to adjust the price, experts recommend consumers stay patient. They suggest shoppers find out the date of the next markdown to save money later.

Finally, chain stores generally have less latitude to change the price than owners of local shops.

If the price of a big ticket item is not up for negotiation, experienced hagglers say check the fine print. Delivery or assembly charges might be easier to adjust.

Herb Cohen, the author of “How to Negotiate Anything, Anywhere” offers these tips for any haggling:

  • Research the price so you know what the real price will be.
  • Don’t fall in love with what you buy. Don’t let your emotions get in the way.
  • Be persistent.

Cohen talks more about how to haggle in this video:

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