Hall of Shame: Footage chronicles JaVale McGee gaffes (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – Poor JaVale McGee.

Not only did the 7-foot center for the 31-loss Washington Wizards suffer a 15-point defeat to the San Antonio Spurs Monday night. He also had to deal with an online video chronicling the not-so-stellar moments of his career.

The “JaVale McGee Top 8 dumb Plays” video garnered more than 25,000 views on YouTube since being uploaded to the site Monday, and has surely played a role in “Javale McGee” trending on Twitter in Washington Tuesday.

But is poking fun at a player with McGee’s talent truly fair? Sure, the former first-round pick may have thrown himself an alley-oop off the backboard with his team down by six. And yeah, he may have thrown up a little salute afterward.

And yes, he did fail to post up the much, much shorter Isaiah Thomas, apparently deciding to try to flop and draw a foul instead. And then there was the time — er, times — he unsuccessfully attempted to dunk from the general vicinity of the free-throw line, once with a defender in front of him

Oh, he also helped out the other team with a pretty bad save and ran back on defense while his team still had possession of the ball.

But all those things only look so bad when they’re played in a blooper reel one right after the other, right?


See the video below. Editor’s note: The script does contain some profanity.

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