Efficient driving can save money at the gas pump

Paying cash can save money at the pump. (WTOP/Kristi King)

WASHINGTON – There are ways to save money on gas. In fact, drivers can get gas for $2 a gallon, if they make several lifestyle changes, according to SmartMoney.

De-clutter – Drivers can save 7 cents a gallon by getting rid of the junk in the trunk. Every 100 pounds reduces fuel economy 2 percent.

Weigh how you pay – Gas stations offer discounts for cash and credit cards offer rewards, too. Drivers can save up to 19 cents per gallon.

Slow down – Every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph adds 30 cents to what a driver pays for gas. Aggressive stopping wastes another 33 percent when driving on the highway, SmartMoney says. Drivers can save up to $1.27 a gallon by driving slower and less aggressively.

Tire pressure – Under- or over-inflated tires reduce efficiency about 3 percent. Properly inflated tires can save 12 cents a gallon.

Grocery discounts – Grocery stores that offer discounts can save a driver $2.20 a gallon, although most programs have a cap on how many gallons you can get.

Efficient route – Bundle your errands and pick the most efficient routes to get where you need to go, and only drive when you have to drive. Being more efficient can save 30 cents a gallon.

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