Brits pay to fight in Zombie Boot Camp

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WASHINGTON – Fans of the undead in the U.K. can pay to fight zombies for a day.

Zombie Boot Camp is a staged “zombie apocalypse” offered by company, which sells experience packages.

Normally, customers use the company to go skydiving or rent an expensive sports car. But the Zombie Boot Camp’s popularity is taking off: The experience is sold out for months to come.

Participants are trained by ex-military instructors and sent out to fight zombies in groups with paintball guns.

The three-hour boot camp costs 69 pounds, or about $107, culminating in a final mission to “assault a known zombie lair.”

“We will train you within an inch of your life, sharing skills that can be employed wherever you find the dastardly zombie hordes,” the company’s website boasts.

The company promises to deliver “realistic” looking zombies who actually get to fight back, threatening to drag participants away if they want.

The zombie experience stops there, though. The company reassures participants they won’t have to worry about being a zombie’s lunch.

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