Legal until mixed: Md. urges explosives regulation

WASHINGTON – It’s an exploding target loved by shooters, but the Maryland Fire Marshal say it needs to be regulated.

Sport shooters use Tannerite to see if they’ve hit their target from long distances.

The company that makes it says the explosive is safe, useful and fun when used correctly. The product is shipped in two parts — you’ve got to mix them together to make the explosive.

But legislation being pushed by the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office would apply to all “bi-nary explosives,” meaning products like Tannerite that have to be mixed before becoming explosive.” A license would be required to use the explosives.

“Once I mix it, I have a high-explosive compound. In order to have a high explosive in my possession, in order to make it, in order to use it (in) the state of Maryland, you must have a license,” says Deputy State Fire Marshal Joe Flanagan

A similar bill failed last year.

Delegate Mike Smigiel is opposed to the bill, and pushed Flanagan to admit that they haven’t arrested anybody misusing Tannerite.

However, Jack Waldner, Commander of the Bomb Squad with the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s office, says there are sensitive law enforcement documents that show people are planning attacks with the product, but refused to elaborate.

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