Judge: Driver charged with killing a child a danger to community

Neal Augenstein, wtop.com

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The man charged with driving under the influence before hitting and killing an 8-year-old boy and severely injuring his mother told police he had been drinking for five hours before the crash.

A judge in Alexandria Juvenile and Domestic Court ordered Victor Aldana to be held without bond, saying, “I find him a danger to the community.”

Brian Hernandez-Chavez was killed, and his mother suffered a broken pelvis and two broken legs when they were struck while walking on a footpath that runs along Duke Street on Sunday.

Prosecutors say Aldana eventually admitted he began drinking at 9:30 that morning — five hours before the 2:30 p.m. crash.

In arguing that Aldana be incarcerated until trial, City of Alexandria prosecutors said Aldana doesn’t have a driver’s license.

His public defender says Aldana has an address in Alexandria, works at KFC, and has no prior criminal record.

Aldana’s attorney said “clearly a tragedy occurred,” but his client “has every reason to want to resolve this case.”

Prosecutors told the judge a woman driving behind Aladana saw him swerve and “was shocked how much time the driver had to correct, but didn’t.”

In addition to the Involuntary Manslaughter while Driving Under the Influence charge in Juvenile Court, because the victim was a minor, Aldana was also ordered held by a General District Court judge for felony Maiming while DUI, and misdemeanor Wreckless Driving, and driving without a license.

Aldana participated in the arraignment with an interpreter through video hookup from the city’s detention center, answering only “Si” when asked by the judge if he understood the charges.

Aldana’s next court date is Feb. 13.

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