Female suspect identified in robbery of elderly woman

An 84-year-old woman's compassion for children became a terrifying heist that ended in a forced bank withdrawal last week, Prince George's County police say.

Andrew Mollenbeck, wtop.com

TAKOMA PARK, Md. – Police are searching for a Maryland woman suspected of robbing a 84-year-old last week and tricking the victim into withdrawing money from her bank account, Prince George’s County police say.

Officials are looking for 48 year-old Linda McCorkle of the 1500 block of Chillum Road.

She had three young children with her on Jan. 12 at the Murry’s Steak parking lot on New Hampshire Avenue when she preyed on the victim’s sympathy for the kids, police say.

“The suspect gave the victim a story about how she was in need of help and needed a check cashed, and it was about the children,” police spokesman Cpl. Evan Baxter says.

“The victim being a generous, kind-hearted person decided to help her out,” Baxter says.

The elderly woman was forced to drive to a nearby bank, police say, while someone else came by to pick up the children.

“The suspect implied that she had a gun and that the victim needed to take out money from her account,” Baxter says.

Surveillance video from the bank shows the victim being pushed in before she withdrew “a large sum of money” from her account.

McCorkle then forced her to drive back to the original parking lot.

Police say the incident happened at about noon. It has not been confirmed if a real gun was involved.

The victim was not physically harmed.

“She was forced to take out a large sum of money from her account, but her trust has been betrayed,” Baxter says.

Police were able to identify McCorkle through anonymous tips and bank surveillance video. A warrant has been obtained for armed robbery and second degree assault.

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