Cooperation among police agencies leads to more crime solving

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – Bad guys often commit crimes in one city or county and then flee to another.

To solve these crimes, local police departments talk to one another and share information, a process that appears to be improving in the region.

“Communication between Montgomery County and D.C. is the best I’ve seen it in all my years of working here,” says Takoma Park Police Chief Ronald Ricucci.

He also keeps in close touch with Prince George’s County Police, he says.

Ricucci has been in law enforcement for more than 40 years, including many years with the Montgomery County Police Department. He says officers from these different jurisdictions talk on the phone or through email.

“We’re talking off hours, all times of day,” he says.

The improved communication is paying off.

“We’re working better together. We’re making more arrests,” Ricucci says.

On Friday, for example, someone tried to steal a car in Takoma Park. A combined effort by two police departments helped recover the vehicle.

“D.C. spotted the car (and) took it to the line. P.G. spotted the car. We didn’t catch it, but all three were talking, and within an hour the car was recovered as a result of the communication,” Ricucci says.

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