Simple tricks to stay slim over the holidays

WASHINGTON — It may seem impossible to lose weight during the holiday season — after all, the binge begins at Thanksgiving and often lasts through New Year’s. But there are some tricks to help you lose weight that won’t leave you feeling deprived.

Experts at Health Magazine say a few small changes to your routine can help in the battle of the bulge.

Try buying natural peanut butter and pour off the oil that sits on top. Each serving will have 20 fewer calories and 2- to 3- less grams of fat. That small difference can add up to a couple of lost pounds per year.

When you’ve got the munchies, switch to low-fat popcorn instead of chips or pretzels. It has five times the fiber and only 90 calories for 6 cups, so it fills you up. A recent study found that when women double their daily intake of fiber, their bodies absorb 90 less calories a day. That can equal up to 10 pounds of weight loss in a year.

Downsize your wine glass. Wine glasses have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, and it’s easy to pour 6 ounces — a serving and a half — in one glass without noticing. That’s about 300 calories. Instead of drinking from a large goblet, go for a regular 4-ounce glass.

Cut out after-dinner snacking. It’s easy to eat an entire meal’s worth of calories while sitting in front of the TV at night. If you’re hungry before bed, try eating dinner later. Snack on fruit around 3 p.m. and have a snack bar at 5 p.m, then eat dinner at 7:30 p.m.

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WTOP’s Veronica Robinson contributed to this report.

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