App shines light on hidden job postings

Nathan Hager, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – With the nationwide unemployment rate still in the 9 percent range, many jobless Americans are looking for an opening anywhere they can find one.

A new website and smartphone app claims to make it easier to look for work a bit off the beaten path.

The site, called Hidden Jobs App, aggregates online news items and news releases that mention current or future job openings, from such things as businesses that plan to expand.

The site claims to link to more than 1.5 million hidden jobs in all 50 states and D.C.

A recent check of the site lists 650 hidden jobs in the District, 300 of which are in the police department. The source of that police job opportunity is a “Washington Post” article from September, in which Mayor Vince Gray announced plans to hire 300 new officers by next year.

The Hidden Jobs App site claims that 80 percent of job openings are never advertised, but are instead announced in news articles and press releases like the ones the site highlights.

The site warns, however, that it is not a job board, and that prospective employees should treat links on the site simply as job leads.

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