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Va. earthquake is aftershock of major 2011 shake

An earthquake in Virginia confirmed by the U.S. Geological survey is the spawn of a massive quake that rocked the region about two years ago.

Wednesday - 05/15/2013, 01:21pm EDT

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Rare bird's-eye view of Washington Monument repairs

A heightened view from repair crews hanging off the top of the Washington Monument is captivating viewers.

Wednesday - 05/15/2013, 01:08pm EDT

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Washington Monument to be covered in fabric, lights

What do you do when one of the great monuments to democracy is encased in unsightly wood and metal scaffolding? You make it sparkle.

Sunday - 05/05/2013, 12:22pm EDT

Tags: Washington Monument, scaffolding, earthquake

Scaffolding slowly creeping up Washington Monument

Crews are rising scaffolding at a rate of about 10-feet each day around the Washington Monument.

Wednesday - 03/13/2013, 01:16pm EDT

Tags: Nick Iannelli, Washington Monument

Contractor picked for Washington Monument repairs

The park service announced Wednesday that Perini Management Services, Inc. of Framingham, Mass., has been chosen for the $15 million project.

Wednesday - 09/26/2012, 10:46am EDT

Tags: Washington Monument, National Park Service, earthquake

Inside the Washington Monument during the 2011 quake (VIDEO)

The 5.8-magnitude quake frightened those inside the monument. Watch video from that day.

Thursday - 08/23/2012, 09:59am EDT

Tags: Washington Monument, D.C., earthquake

Washington Monument didn't sink after earthquake

The Washington Monument did not sink any further into the ground as a result of last year's 5.8-magnitude earthquake, government surveyors said in a report released Tuesday.

Wednesday - 08/22/2012, 05:24am EDT

Tags: Washington Monument, D.C., National Geodetic Survey, Dave Doyle

Wash. Monument to stay closed as late as 2014

The 555-foot obelisk at the apex of the National Mall closed for repairs in the wake of the August 2011 earthquake. The Washington Post now reports they could stay closed as late as 2014.

Monday - 07/09/2012, 02:48pm EDT

Tags: Washington Monument, earthquake

End in sight for some National Mall projects

There's an end in sight for two of the construction projects that have taken over key spots on the National Mall.

Friday - 06/01/2012, 01:41pm EDT

Tags: National Mall, National Park Service, max smith, Stephen Whitesell, Washington Monument

Experts survey the National Mall for sinkage

Experts are trying to determine whether the National Mall and the nation's monuments are sinking and whether the August earthquake made it worse.

Friday - 03/30/2012, 04:12am EDT

Tags: Washington Monument, National Mall, earthquake

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