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'Shark Week' fun swims into the area

It's "Shark Week," but that doesn't mean you have to sit in front of a TV to enjoy it! Check out some of the shark-themed events in the area.

Monday - 08/05/2013, 11:51am EDT

Tags: Shark Week, Discovery Channel, Sarah Beth Hensley, Jaws, National Aquarium

Find sharks in a downtown D.C. federal building

Not everyone realizes it, but there are sharks, alligators and piranhas living in the basement of a D.C. federal building.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 03:13pm EDT

Tags: max smith, Commerce Building, sharks, Aquarium, Shark Week

Chompie the Shark makes his return for 'Shark Week'

Discovery Channel's Shark Week will return to all its glory this year as Chompie, the giant inflated shark, returns to his perch atop the Discovery building in Silver Spring, Md.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 11:55am EDT

Tags: Discovery Channel, Shark Week, Chompie, shark

'Shark Week' spawns cuddly, terrifying parody (VIDEO)

Just strap a cardboard fin on a puppy or kitten and prepare yourself for carnage.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 11:54am EDT

Tags: Shark Week, Discovery Channel, Revision3

Shark Week's refined, yet audacious rock 'n' roll

D.C. music fans are buzzing about Shark Week, and it has nothing to do with TV.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 11:53am EDT

Tags: tim bracken, Shark Week, backstage


Sharks in the Chesapeake: More likely than thought

Unlike the nearby ocean coasts, the Chesapeake Bay is not a hotbed for shark sport fishing, largely due to the low numbers of sharks that can exist in the water. Bull sharks are among the only species that can withstand salinity levels that low.

Friday - 08/17/2012, 11:49am EDT

Tags: Pete Ide, David Lowensteiner, Kelly Sullivan, Chesapeake Bay, bull shark, Shark Week, sharks, Captain Pete, Paul D. Shinkman


Shark Week 2012: Sharks in action (VIDEO)

To further whet your appetite with amazing shark footage, check out these videos of the often misunderstood sea beasts in action.

Wednesday - 08/15/2012, 11:41am EDT

Tags: sharks, Shark Week

WTOP Guide: How regional sharks feed (VIDEO)

In the wake of shark-killing fury spurred on by the 1975 movie "Jaws," the aquarium serves as a respository for information about a misunderstood beast that is critical to the entire marine ecosystem.

Tuesday - 08/14/2012, 06:26am EDT

Tags: Shark Week, Paul D. Shinkman, Alan Henningsen, sharks, National Aquarium, National Aquarium in Baltimore