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Living in Style: Dressing for interview success

Style for Hire's Lisa Tumbarello offers advice for dressing appropriately for an interview, as well as how to use those pieces later for the work place once you've landed the job.

Wednesday - 05/08/2013, 11:12am EDT

Tags: Style for Hire, Lisa Tumbarello, Living in Style, fashion, Style, interview, workplace, Paula Wolfson, Alex Beall

Doctors: Healthy diet can ward off Alzheimer's

Brain food isn't just about powering through a test or a grueling day at work. Doctors say certain healthy foods can also help ward off Alzheimer's disease.

Wednesday - 05/08/2013, 10:53am EDT

Tags: brain, diet, Paula Wolfson, Alzheimer


Researchers studying why college kids get the mumps

The outbreaks at area college campuses are part of a national pattern and researchers are trying to determine why college students are at risk for a childhood disease.

Friday - 05/03/2013, 03:10pm EDT

Tags: vaccinations, mumps, Childrens National Medical Center, University of Richmond, James Madison University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Loyola University, Paula Wolfson

Living in Style: Organizing your closet

Style for Hire's Lisa Tumbarello offers tips for tackling your closet during spring cleaning.

Wednesday - 05/01/2013, 09:00am EDT

Tags: Living in Style, Lisa Tumbarello, Style for Hire, closet, spring cleaning, organization, Paula Wolfson, Alex Beall

Sugar fix: Americans turn to artificial sweeteners

Americans have a collective sweet tooth, and many turn to artificial sweeteners for their daily fix.

Monday - 04/29/2013, 08:24am EDT

Tags: Paula Wolfson, sugar, sweeteners, Splenda

When to look for financial planning help

Any life-changing event triggers a series of decisions, and one of them is the choice to find a financial planner.

Saturday - 04/27/2013, 07:44am EDT

Tags: Paula Wolfson, Janet Bodnar, Kiplingers, personal finances

Get rid of unneeded prescriptions with National Drug Take-Back Day

Leftover or unneeded prescription drugs are a common sight in many medicine cabinets. But these drugs can a lot of harm if they end up in the wrong hands, the water system or the environment.

Friday - 04/26/2013, 07:34am EDT

Tags: National Drug Take-Back Day, prescription drug, DEA, medicine, Paula Wolfson

The most risky meats: Chicken and ground beef

Chicken and ground beef are the most popular meat and poultry products in America -- but they can also be the most dangerous.

Wednesday - 04/24/2013, 09:06am EDT

Tags: Paula Wolfson, meat, beef, poultry, Center for Science in the Public Interest, safety, chicken

Living in Style: Shopping consignment

Style for Hire's Lisa Tumbarello talks about the ins and outs of shopping consignment.

Wednesday - 04/24/2013, 08:28am EDT

Tags: Living in Style, Lisa Tumbarello, fashion, Style, Style for Hire, consignment, shopping, Alex Beall, Paula Wolfson

Security concerns at this year's Marine Corps Marathon

A marathon is supposed to end with smiles, maybe tears of joy and certainly exhaustion. It is not supposed to end with carnage and blood on the streets. The horror that struck Boston last week makes some of us wonder: Could it happen here, too?

Monday - 04/22/2013, 10:35am EDT

Tags: Marine Corps Marathon, security, running, Paula Wolfson

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