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Get ready to sow grass seed and feed your poor lawn

When is the best time to apply corn gluten for fall weed prevention?

Friday - 08/03/2012, 12:54pm EDT

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Garden Plot: Saving tomatoes, avoiding white bugs and what to harvest now

What's the silky material showing up on azaleas and roses? And tips to help tomato growers.

Friday - 07/20/2012, 07:31am EDT

Tags: Mike McGrath, garden plot

Heat wave warnings and dog day dos and don'ts

Hang in there, cats and kittens, this heat wave should break by Monday. In the meantime, and during future heat waves, remember the following tips.

Friday - 07/06/2012, 02:33pm EDT

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Tips for heat wave grass care, fending off wasps and rabbits

WTOP's Garden Editor Mike McGrath has tips for what not to do when it's really hot.

Friday - 06/29/2012, 03:38am EDT

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Lawn grubs of spring now beetles of summer

Beneficial nematodes are the safe and effective grub control of choice.

Thursday - 06/14/2012, 08:49pm EDT

Tags: garden plot, Mike McGrath

Garden Plot: More tips on grass and garlic

Unless you plant the starter plugs densely, zoysia typically takes a couple seasons to fully establish, while Bermuda starts (or seed) planted in the Spring will fully cover the intended area edge to edge by the end of summer.

Friday - 06/08/2012, 01:14pm EDT

Tags: Mike McGrath, garden plot, grass, garlic

Dandelions, the redux and aphids

Oscar in Bethesda writes: "I have a plant outside that is currently covered with small black insects. Will they damage the plant? Could you please let me know what they are and how I should deal with them?"

Friday - 04/27/2012, 11:04am EDT

Tags: Mike McGrath, garden plot


Moles? Voles? Let's call the whole thing off...

Moles make raised tunnels, especially in lawns, but they don't eat plants. Voles make small holes in the ground and eat lots of plants. And really big holes that plants "disappear down" could be a sign of groundhogs. Identifying the pest is job number one.

Friday - 04/13/2012, 11:32am EDT

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The tubes that take out ticks!

Tick Tubes are one of my favorite tick-prevention devices. They're cardboard tubes filled with cotton balls soaked in a pesticide called permethrin that's especially deadly to ticks.

Friday - 04/06/2012, 10:33am EDT

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When to seed, fertilize and weed your lawn

Right now is the time to spread corn gluten meal on your lawn to prevent dormant weed seeds like crabgrass from sprouting as you give the turf a nice gentle spring feeding, Mike. But don't delay.

Thursday - 03/22/2012, 06:40pm EDT

Tags: garden plot, Mike McGrath

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