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Do Android smartphones need malware protection?

Mobile malware is a serious issue and it does exist, however, it's nothing like the risk we face on our computers so it's a lot easier to avoid.

Monday - 04/07/2014, 07:41am EDT

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Virus victim: I had no choice, I had to pay the ransom

Computer experts are warning about the quickly spreading and vicious malware that locks down files and demands a ransom. A victim of CryptoLocker tells her story.

Thursday - 11/14/2013, 08:27am EST

Tags: Mari Jo Clark, CryptoLocker, Ken Colburn, Data Doctors

Govt. warns Android vulnerable to mobile hacks

A memo by the Department of Homeland Security shows most mobile malware targets the popular Android operating system.

Tuesday - 08/27/2013, 07:08am EDT

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FBI warns Android users about malware attacks

The FBI is warning Android owners to beware of malware that is targeting the operating system.

Wednesday - 10/17/2012, 04:31am EDT

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Olympics email scam alleges Gabby scandal, contains malware

The Olympics aren't even over and an email scam has surfaced, posing as a video detailing a scandal on the U.S. gymnastics team.

Monday - 08/06/2012, 11:46am EDT

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Expert: Apple users lost immunity to Internet viruses

Only 64,000 computers were affected by the FBI procedure to kill dangerous malware that has plagued the Web. This is a relatively small percentage when compared to the hundreds of thousands of computers in the U.S., but a slightly larger number for Steve Jobs disciples who previously thought themselves immune.

Monday - 07/09/2012, 02:41pm EDT

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A little help from the FBI

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

Friday - 06/08/2012, 12:39pm EDT

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Be wary when posting a job

If your business posts an employment opportunity online, watch out -- you may be targeted by crooks.

Thursday - 01/26/2012, 12:01am EST

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Valentine's Day e-cards

Isn't that lovely? A secret admirer has sent you a Valentine's Day e-card.

Monday - 01/16/2012, 12:47pm EST

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