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The benefits of exercising through pregnancy

Are you expecting? Congratulations! … Now lace up those shoes. It's time to get to work!

Tuesday - 07/16/2013, 08:40am EDT

Tags: Lisa Reed, fitness, pregnancy, strength training

Tips for staying fit on summer vacation

Traveling can wreck havoc on your diet and fitness goals. Here are some tips so you pack in the fun without packing on the pounds.

Tuesday - 06/25/2013, 08:48am EDT

Tags: vacation, travel, tips, Health, fitness, workout, diet, Lisa Reed

Tips for working out with your dog

It's time to meet your new workout buddy -- your pet.

Friday - 06/21/2013, 11:40am EDT

Tags: Health, fitness, Lisa Reed, workout, dog

Seven tips for increasing your workout intensity

Increasing the intensity of your workout burns more fat and builds muscle.

Friday - 05/17/2013, 09:25am EDT

Tags: Lisa Reed, fitness, intensity, Health, workout

An organized strategy for achieving a ‘beach body'

The idea of achieving a "beach body" can seem daunting, but local fitness expert Lisa Reed has a few tips to help simplify and organize a routine for a healthy summer figure.

Tuesday - 04/30/2013, 09:56am EDT

Tags: Lisa Reed, fitness, beach body, Health, workout

Losing weight: What not to do

When trying to lose weight, there are many things that you can do. You can increase your physical activity, make healthier food choices and cut out sugary beverages. However, there are also things you should not do to lose weight. Personal trainer Lisa Reed has some tips.

Thursday - 04/04/2013, 02:38pm EDT

Tags: Lisa Reed, weight loss, fitness, tips

7 tips to keep up your New Year's resolutions

It's been seven weeks since the ball dropped. If your New Years resolutions are starting to slip away, here are seven ways to keep them going.

Saturday - 02/23/2013, 09:51am EST

Tags: fitness, exercise, personal trainer, New Years, resolutions, Lisa Reed

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