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Centreville Wildcats head to state Saturday

The Washington Redskins haven't given fans much to cheer about this season. But a local high school football team playing for the state championship this week could.

Friday - 12/13/2013, 07:05am EST

Tags: centreville wildcats, Fairfax County, Chris Haddock

Mystery device hacks cars and pops locks (Video)

From New York to Los Angeles and in between, locked cars, even those equipped with alarms, are being broken into silently and without effort.

Friday - 08/23/2013, 05:06am EDT

Tags: car theft, safety

Why mosquitoes love you -- and how to stop it (Video)

Does it seem like you get eaten up by mosquitoes more than other people? Well, you might be right.

Wednesday - 07/17/2013, 10:27am EDT

Tags: mosquitoes, wsj, Wall Street Journal

Study: Driving is one of life's biggest stressors (Video)

Stress is part of everyday life and according to a recent study, that everyday commute is a big factor.

Tuesday - 07/16/2013, 07:39am EDT

Tags: driving, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Senseable City Lab

Half of moms stalk kids on Facebook (VIDEO)

It looks like an "Onion" spoof has roots in reality.

Tuesday - 02/19/2013, 06:13am EST

Tags: onion, parenting, Twitter, Facebook

Activists, those grieving hold a vigil at the White House

On Friday evening, activists and those wanting to offer support to the families and victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting gathered outside of the White House for a vigil.

Saturday - 12/15/2012, 03:49pm EST

Tags: gun control, White House, vigil

Feds say helium supplies are rapidly deflating

The problem started in 1996 when the federal government enacted a cost-cutting law and began selling off their helium reserves that were stored underground -- now they're running out.

Friday - 05/25/2012, 07:09am EDT

Tags: helium, NBC4, NBC Washington