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Foreign spies target personal data of U.S. government employees

The director of a new counterintelligence agency says spies from foreign countries are seeking personal information of U.S. government employees.

Tuesday - 12/02/2014, 10:00am EST

Tags: national security, ncsc, JJ Green


Khorasan still concerns U.S. officials

There is growing concern that the al Qaida-linked Khorasan group is continuing to plot against the U.S. in the ungoverned spaces of war-torn Syria.

Friday - 11/21/2014, 05:00am EST

Tags: JJ Green, Khorasan

ISIL has a drone -- now what?

ISIL, worth close to $1 billion, spends a lot of money to carry out functions it deems necessary for the operation and protection of the "Islamic State."

Thursday - 11/20/2014, 05:01am EST

Tags: ISIL, JJ Green, drones

U.S. sailors attacked in Turkey

Sailors from the USS Ross on shore leave in Istanbul were roughed up, taunted and chased back to their ship in an incident that led to the cancellation of leave for all U.S. forces.

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 05:37am EST

Tags: JJ Green, turkey, sailors, national security, Ray Mabus

German native remembers the day after the Berlin Wall came down

Orderly bedlam ensued the night of Nov. 9, 1989, as West Germans chipped away at the wall. Later came the euphoria. (Audio)

Monday - 11/10/2014, 04:20pm EST

Tags: berlin wall, JJ Green, Germany


Concern about copycats keeps DHS chief up at night

In late September, while in Canada to visit his counterpart and other cabinet officials, a month before a tragic and shocking shooting in Ottawa, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said, "I walked within 20 feet of the War Memorial where the member of the military was shot."

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 07:10am EST

Tags: JJ Green, Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security

How the CIA headquarters broke ground in Langley, Va.

On Monday, the agency will celebrate the 55th anniversary of then-President Eisenhower's cornerstone laying of the main building.

Monday - 11/03/2014, 12:47pm EST

Tags: Central Intelligence Agency, JJ Green


Officials: Syria strikes targeted al-Qaida operatives to derail plot

The U.S. took strikes Monday night against al-Qaida operatives in Syria, known as the Khorasan Group to disrupt a plot against the United States or Europe.

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 10:02am EDT

Tags: al-Qaida, syria, airstrikes, JJ Green


NATO to deploy Rapid Response Team in Eastern Europe

A new NATO Rapid Response Force will deploy in the Eastern Europe soon to ease growing anxiety in countries bordering Russia --and there's good reason for that, according to JJ Green, WTOP national security correspondent.

Monday - 09/08/2014, 03:22am EDT

Tags: Ukraine, NATO, JJ Green


ISIL establishes billion-dollar enterprise

Until this week, Kurdish forces were outgunned by the Islamic State fighters, variously referred to as ISIS and ISIL, they're battling near Erbil.

Thursday - 08/14/2014, 11:26am EDT

Tags: ISIL, ISIS, JJ Green, Iraq

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